The Woman In Black Part One


As Eliza drove home from a party with her friends and her younger sister Emma, her mind wandered on the events of the past few days. Her boyfriend had just recently ended their 1 year relationship which left her heartbroken. “ How could he leave me?” She thought to herself looking wistfully out the car … Continue reading The Woman In Black Part One


You are so close yet so far away. I hope that we can meet someday. This love feels forbidden but my feelings for you cannot stay hidden. We can do the impossible and change how our stars align, falling in love with you can’t be a crime. I’m just hoping that it is our time.

Hidden in Plain Sight

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Photographer Unknown

Learning to hide

Was one of the first lessons

Life taught her

At a very young age

Away from those

Who would do her harm

And those who could not see her

For the gift she truly was

Whether themask she wore

Or the attempts at being the wall flower

Or simply, by sheer luck

Finding the right spot

She could always be found by those

Who were looking for light

Amongst the shadows

Hidden in plain sight

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My English essay for School on “Why Education is Important.”

The Oxford School Dictionary and Thesaurus defines Education as “ the training of people’s minds and abilities do that they acquire knowledge and development skills. “ But is that really what education is? People can be educated in different ways apart from the worlds standard. Just because one was not formally educated doesn’t mean one … Continue reading My English essay for School on “Why Education is Important.”