Deep Down #Poetry

Somewhere deep down there’s a whole

So deep. Underneath all the scars, and all the facades, is just another damaged heart.

Underneath the mask which people always see, is a depression that makes me weep. I hide my tears and try not to cry, everything in my life is going awry.

There’s no more tears left they’ve all dried. My deep depression died inside.

Now I feel peace it’s made me whole.

Now I can say it is well with my soul.


My mistake

You remind me of where I went wrong.

Twisted and tied feelings I can’t be strong.

Why did I get involved, all I see you as is my mistake.

I might’ve broke your heart, told you I never loved you from the start. It was all just a game that brought many pain.

I have problems that need solving. But your not my Sherlock Holmes her to solve em. I made a wrong turn I’m trying fix it. But it seems like you don’t know when to quit.

You claim you love me, the feelings not mutual. I don’t really love ya and I don’t wanna meet ya.And I don’t really need ya. I’m running because I know what’s coming.Fights and problems and we don’t need to solve em. Your my mistake.

ASHAMED by guest writer Skyla Hodge ( Revised)

I wake up every day and I’m ashamed.

Ashamed that I’m not going to fit the standards that have been made.

Standards that are created to make people into what they should be portrayed as.

It is said that 94% of girls have been body shamed.

To be thin and beautiful as society has portrayed us to be as.

Unfortunately, Teen boys and men are subjected to thoughtless opinions and hurtful comments made as well.

We are being forced into this shell.

When I look in the mirror and say to myself “my waist are too wide.” “my thighs are to small.”

I wonder how do I change this?

A diet! That’s how I end this all

So, I starve and starve myself until I fall.

But they are still laughing and commenting, I must be doing something wrong.

I go to my last resort,to invite my two friends that have been waiting this long.

Every time I eat and feel like mushroom,

I run to the bathroom, and now I’m hungry again.

And empty inside.

Now this process it repeated times and times again.

But this time I go down a slippery slop,

To a point where there is no hope.

I guess that’s why they say a diet is actually a “DIET”

Now I know that your friends make who you are.

Now that I have seen the light,

I want all of us to be who you are.

I guess that makes it all right,

That beauty is always on the inside and out  .

The Cure of Fat shaming.

Let’s be real for a second we know fat shaming its wrong but we still do it.

It maybe to others and it might just be to ourselves.

Either way it’s wrong.

Words do hurt. They have a way of persuasion, a way of manipulation.

Making one feel like they are not worth being on this earth and can possibly lead to suicide or depression.

There is only one cure for fat shaming and that is to love yourself.

Just like in every single Hallmark and Disney movie love can break any curse.

So, learn to love yourself, learn that God gave you your body and that’s what you’re working with.

Learn to love every curve, every line, every dump and lump, and only then you can be cure of fat shaming.

The Disguise #Poetry

I’m so reliant  on it, why can’t I quit. I’m always messing up always doing this.

This here’s a stain on my life that refuses to come off. Life’s so hard why can’t it be soft.

Livin in sin, I let the devil in. Now he’s got full control no, why can’t I just let this go.

I want a good reward but I ain’t pushing for it. I keep telling myself “ Yeah soon I’ll quit.” Gotta make a effort or my soul will be lost, If it is then why Jesus died on that cross.

I know I’m not the only one who makes mistakes. My heart ain’t that cold to break.

I put on a act instead others can’t see me. They see the one who I pretend to be. Honestly I know its wrong but you see, I do it anyway this ain’t who I was taught to be . I need to stop acting and be who God wants me to be. I’m going to let God work his way through me.


Let go

Sometimes it’s best to let go, my heart just took a fatal blow. I thought things were gonna be alright be I guess they lost sight. I wish we never met, I wish I never had a heart, I wish I never had feelings for you from the start.

My hearts now shattered when I hear about you, also when I see the things you do. I hope and pray that you see this through, wish I never got attached to you.

It’s hard to let go but that’s what I need to do. I remember all the moments and memories I had with you. This is hardened my heart right from the start, my hearts broke and it’s all on your part.

I’ve been abused my heart that gives only love. Wish God would take me to clouds above. It’s hurts at first to let go, but I know my heart will someday heal from this fatal blow.

Hi. # Poetry

It all started with a simple hi.

Now maybe it’s time to say goodbye.

That one conversation changed me forever.

I wish we could speak and put all the weirdness aside, I never shed a tear to cry.

But I shed my tears on the inside, I wish I did things different than when we first talked.

I wish we could be friends, but that’s a friendship lost. I wished that before I had counted the cost.

I struggle to live happily every time I see you, but the memories will last forever of when I first met you.

Why? #poetry

I’m scared , afraid my love may be fading . I just want V-Day to come, my heart beats like a drum.

Why is my life so hard and complicated. Why do i think this is a passing attraction

Why do i love everything about you. Why are your eyes so beautiful. Why director laugh warm my heart. Am I really in love like from the start.

Why is my love so boundless for you I wish that I could see it through. Why do i love you, why do i get jealous when others are around you

Your eyes your smile makes me warm inside . It just feels like I caught feelings . Why when I look into your eyes i get lit up like the 4th of July.

Why is it that I’m trying it’s because I love you till the end now I wish we we’re more than friends

I want the girls opinions on this in the comments 😏 #poetry


I just don’t get em, is that a crime. Sometimes it’s best not to say what on my mind. I guess you have to give them some time. See if eventually they’ll change their mind.

So complicated give or take. When your leaving there always late. No guarantee they stay with you anyway. One minute their glad then upset. Oh my gosh girls is too much stress. One minute they love you, then they don’t.

Next minute they blow up your phone, then when you call you get the dial tone. I often am curious as to what they think about. Sometimes sappy faces always ready to pout. I guess then I’ll have to wait  til their ready to go fix their face. Who am I to judge we might do the same thing. The difference between queens and kings. 👑

“Why are you here?” #poetry

Why are you here?

Why are you here?  Why do you sleep in and try to blend in, are you here to be different or to fit in? 

Why are you here? When you see life is rough? While others cave in when life gets though. 

Why do you get up every morning, what is your goal?  Everyone has a story that needs to be told. When we grow old our kids will have dreams to. Yeah life is tough but how tough are you. 

Why are you here, are you just gonna be soft? No you are here to achieve what you set out to do, you are here so you can push through. Your purpose is to inspire others they’ll be inspired by you. You’re simply here just to be you .